Get Your Fit On

Rise and shine fit freaks! It’s time to get a bit, or a lot, sweaty!! What’s on your plan today? Not sure what to do? Start somewhere!  It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re working as long as your working hard. Start with finding some encouragement today. Why do you want a better bod or how are you going to maintain yours? We all have our ups and downs on this insane roller coaster. I’ll be honest, I cry from time to time, get stressed and find myself becoming an emotional reck, but over what. I’ve decided a few weeks ago that I was going to change all of that. I find pleasure in training so I shouldn’t be stressed, I feel relieved! And now I do!!! Start with a walk, then jog, then a run and clear your mind of everything except positive self-loving thoughts.

Let’s start or restart this journey together! I’ve been working hard and you will be too! I’ll be training chest/biceps/calves and punching it out with this awesome HIIT routine for some killer cardio today. If you want to follow along on the plan I’ve been using then check out Ashley Kurtenbach!! She’s so awesome! Her plan is great, simple, and will make you cry for tylenol the next day. After that, I’ll be doing a little boxing to punch out my stress from the work day!! Take a peek and go get your fit on!!!


Cardio Kick


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