Aloha Aloe Gloe

So recently I’ve been on a kick drinking aloe water/juice. Last year, I found some aloe juice at a produce stand that was delicious, but came to discover it was packed full of sugars! I mean it was around 35g per serving! Obviously not healthy. So I stopped buying it.

The reason on got on this kick in the first place is because there are so many benefits of ingesting aloe (in moderation of course). Until recently, I finally discovered a new aloe water called “Aloe Gloe.” My aunt had a few in her fridge so I decided to test one out. I tested the Grape flavor and it was okay, but I’m not a huge fan of artificial grape so that explains it. The next week when I was shopping at Fresh Market, I noticed they were on sale so I said to myself, “why not get a few.” I grabbed a few Crisp Aloe and Lemonade flavors and OH MY GOODNESS! Nothing but pure joy! Since then I’ve been going back and buying them.

So I should probably explain why I’ve been drinking Aloe Gloe because I haven’t really explained myself. I have seen a dramatic difference in my complexion and digestion. I have super sensitive skin and breakout from everything. I mean seriously everything! And in rashes! But the aloe has helped keep my complexion nice and smooth due to its anti-inflammatory benefits. My parents even noticed when I went to visit them one weekend. I’ve also noticed less belly bloat and better digestion! All these benefits are listed as benefits of drinking aloe.

My next step is to blend my own aloe vera plants and cut out all the additives, but Aloe Gloe will do for now. It has minimal additives. I believe it’s a pretty decent product. I drink between 1/2-1 glass a day only.


*Please be advised, if you have issues with your stomach, it may worsen it or consumption of too much can be damaging to your system as well!*

Check out this link from Livestrong for some more info and I also recommend doing your own personal research 🙂


For now, keep on glowing!!



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