Vitalize 30 Day Program Day 3

For today, we are doing steady state cardio. So today is your choice! You can swim, run, elliptical, spin, dance, anything!!! Get in a solid 20-30 minutes minimum of cardio and tomorrow we’ll change it up again!!

Lets Get Sweaty!

Hello CFF Peeps

Hey Everyone!


So I know this site is a little slow (or a lot) at getting started. I’ve just been soooooo busy with life right now and a bit under the weather, but I alway make time for a good, solid workout! Share what you’ve done today.


I did Ashley Kurtenbach’s Wednesday Chest/Bicep workout along with climbing 106 floors on the stairmaster and 10 min on the cross ramp trainer. I challenge you to top my floors! And skip steps (doubles)!


Drive on!